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  • Nano Axon

    Fireproof Coating


    Nano Axon is the first manufacturer of fireproof foam paint in Iran to issue the approval of the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center as well as the international approval of Effectis.

  • Nano Axon

    Fireproof Coatings


    Production of all types of cement fireproof coatings for use in building and oil, gas and petrochemical industries with the approval of Housing Research Center

  • Nano Axon

    Nano Axon

    Technical Approvals

    Nano Axon has the technical approvals of the Housing Research Center and Efficitis. Also, this company is the first domestic manufacturer registered in the vendor list of fire extinguishers.

Why Choose Us?

Knowledge Base

Our research and development team, relying on their knowledge and expertise, continually optimizes our products to meet the challenging and diverse weather conditions every day. As a result, we have created a diverse range of products suitable for various applications and different weather conditions.

Competitive Price & Quality

Our technical expertise in formulation, product design, and the use of high-quality domestic raw materials, along with sourcing raw materials from local sources and petrochemical industries within the country, has enabled our products to be competitive in the market. This emphasis on technical knowledge and sourcing strategies contributes to the quality and competitiveness of our products.

Reliable Vendor Base

The presence of Nano Axon in various vendor lists and evaluations conducted by different organizations, including firefighting authorities, the Ministry of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical organizations, MAPNA, and others, has added value to the achievements of our company. This recognition and inclusion in such esteemed lists and evaluations demonstrate the credibility and effectiveness of Nano Axon’s products and services.

Focus on Quality

The presence of the Research and Development team and the Quality Control unit demonstrates the importance of Nano Axon’s commitment to quality. It is worth mentioning that the direct and continuous supervision of organizations such as the Ministry of Roads, Housing and Urban Development, as well as periodic training within the organization, plays a significant role in improving our quality.

Client-Centric Approach

Customer demand is one of the top priorities for Nano Axon. Periodic monitoring and evaluation of customer satisfaction throughout and after the project are crucial for us in maintaining customer loyalty. Our experts are available 24/5 to respond to our customers.

Highly Efficient Workforce

Our capital lies in the presence of capable and specialized colleagues who strive in all departments to gain customer satisfaction through prompt and accurate services and product quality. Therefore, Nano Axon’s personnel are selected and trained with great care and attention to detail.

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