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  • Product Description

    NAX-GYP is a polymer plaster produced by adding special polymers and applied by a plastering machine. This type of plaster does not have the waste of traditional plaster and is used for interior coverings.

    Recommended Use

    This product creates a seamless, moisture-resistant, heat insulation layer on the surface of the wall and ceiling.

    Outstanding Characteristics

    • Non-toxic
    • High speed in execution
    • Eco-friendly
    • Water resistant
    • un-flammable
    • High adhesion
    • High impact resistance
    • Fire resistant
    • Crack resistant
    • It takes a long time

    Surface Preparation

    The desired surface must be dry and free from any kind of pollution, dust, oil, grease, sap, etc. Before use, it is better to use light sanding with abrasive materials and clean the surface of any materials. For more information, refer to the manual (AG).

    User Manual

    It is recommended to use NAX-ACC for undercoating and final coating on NAX-GYP product in order to strengthen the sealing or prevent possible product cracks. It should also be noted that the mixing ratio of NAX-GYP with water is 1:2. For more information, contact the technical experts of Nano Axon.
  • Technical Data

    Solids by Volume Powder
    Density 571 g/cm³ ± 0.05
    Viscosity (After Mix) 30000 – 35000
    pH 11 – 12
    VOC 0%
    Flash Point Non-Flammable
    Shelfing Temp. 4 °C – 45 °C
    Shelf Life 6 month (@ 25 °C)
    Pot Life (After Mix) 60 – 90 min
    Package Bag (30 kg)
    Color White

    Application Details

    Application Method Shotcrete
    Surface Temperature 10 °C – 40 °C
    Dew Point 13 °C – 43 °C
    Thinner / Cleaner Water
    Mixing Ratio 1 : 2
    Nozzle Tip (mm) 12 – 18
    Nozzle Pressure (Min) 20 bar
    Theoretical Spreading Rate 500 g/m2 (@ 1000 µm)
    Wet Film Thickness 1000 µm
    Dry Film Thickness 1000 µm
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