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  • Product Description

    NAX-CTI thermal insulation based on Portland cement and chemical additives including propylene fibers that increase cohesion and adhesion to the surface longevity, high efficiency and lightening of the whole structure, which is a suitable alternative for rock wool, fiberglass and ionolite. In addition to usual thermal insulations, this product is sound and moisture insolation.

    Recommended Use

    NAX-CTI thermal insulation can be applied on all building materials including iron, concrete, pottery, brick, cement blocks and plaster, and on all surfaces such as walls, ceilings and floors.

    Outstanding Characteristics

    • High adhesive and Easy to use
    • Ability to be applied on all surfaces
    • Resistant to microorganisms
    • Resistant to all weather conditions, high humidity, industrial corrosion and UV
    • Eco-friendly and safe in contact with skin

    Surface Preparation

    To secure lasting adhesion to the subsequent product all surfaces shall be clean, dry, and free from any contamination. Refer to the Application Guide (AG) for additional information.

    User Manual

    The CTI has to be mixed with water by ratio of kg powder and kg water then should be applied to the intended surface with a Shotcrete by 0.2 mm thickness.
  • Technical Data

    Solids by Volume Powder
    Density 0.4 g/cm3
    Viscosity (After Mix) 30000 – 35000 Poise
    pH 10 – 12
    VOC 0%
    Flash Point Non-Flammable
    Shelfing Temp. 4 °C – 45 °C
    Shelf Life 6 month (@ 25 °C)
    Pot Life (After Mix) 30 min
    Package Bag (15 kg)
    Color Gray

    Application Details

    Application Method Shotcrete
    Surface Temperature 10 °C – 40 °C
    Dew Point 13 °C – 43 °C
    Thinner / Cleaner Water
    Mixing Ratio
    Theoretical Spreading Rate g/m2 (@ µm)
    Wet Film Thickness 1 cm
    Dry Film Thickness 1 cm
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