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  • Product Description

    Protecting structures from damage caused by hydrocarbon fires has always been important in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. NAX-CB-H Mineral component fire retardant Coating is a concrete steel protective against hydrocarbon fire. NAX-CB-H, due to a very high thermal resistance and very low thermal conductivity, reduces the heat transfer process in the structure and causes a delay in the collapse of the structure against fire which makes cement sprayed fire-fighting coatings very effective in combating fire, and this provides ample opportunity for firefighters to put out fire.

    Recommended Use

    Major industries such as oil and gas refineries, petrochemicals, power plants, industrial warehouses, ammunition storage sheds, gas stations, tunnels, etc. that need to strengthen steel structures, concrete, walls and roofs in Equivalent to hydrocarbon fire and jet fire can be Used NAX-CB-H.

    Outstanding Characteristics

    • High adhesive and Easy to use
    • Excellent performance against hydrocarbon and jet fire
    • Ability to run on all surfaces
    • Resistant to all weather conditions, industrial, high humidity, industrial corrosion, UV
    • No production of toxic gas and smoke
    • Resistant to microorganisms and Eco-friendly
    • Highly resistant to high pressure water extinguishing

    Surface Preparation

    To secure lasting adhesion to the subsequent product all surfaces shall be clean, dry, and free from any contamination. Refer to the Application Guide (AG) for additional information.

    User Manual

    The CB-H has to be mixed with water by ratio of 1 kg powder and 1 kg water and the amount of coverage is determined by the designer. Refer to the Application Guide (AG) for additional information.
  • Technical Data

    Solids by Volume Powder
    Density 0.4 – 0.5 g/cm3 ± 0.05
    Viscosity (After Mix) 30000 Poise
    pH 10 – 12
    VOC 0%
    Flash Point Non-Flammable
    Shelfing Temp. 4 °C – 45 °C
    Shelf Life 6 month (@ 25 °C)
    Pot Life (After Mix) 30 min
    Package Bag (25 kg)
    Color Gray

    Application Details

    Application Method Shotcrete
    Surface Temperature 10 °C – 40 °C
    Dew Point 13 °C – 43 °C
    Thinner / Cleaner Water
    Mixing Ratio 1 : 1.1
    Nozzle Tip (mm) 9 – 11
    Nozzle Pressure (Max) 10 bar / 145 psi
    Theoretical Spreading Rate 6 kg/m2 (@ 1000 µm)
    Wet Film Thickness 1 cm
    Dry Film Thickness 1 cm
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