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We are your partner from production to execution of fire-fighting products , floors floors, facade paints and thermal and moisture insulation.

How did we get started?

Our Company was established in 2012. The first product of this factory, due to the acceleration of issues such as optimization of fuel and energy consumption, was the production of thermal insulation named NAX-300.  that similar to European and American models, and the results of its research and manufacturing could lead to its production based on local technical knowledge in the country.

Fireproof coatings

In the construction industry, especially metal structures have a weakness against fire and the weaknesses of these structures in the face of fire are considered when a very serious fire occurs with high casualties and high financial losses. One of the main methods of building fire resistance is the use of fire retardant coatings on metal structures.

One type of fire retardant product is fire retardant paints that beautifully cover building metal structures. In this regard, the company has produced a high quality product called intelligent fire retardant paint under the brand name NAX-FP, which expands twenty times during fire and has created several layers that have a very high resistance and prevent penetration. The heat is reduced to the surface and protects the metal structures from cellulose fires for up to 3 hours. The company is also the first holder of technical certification from the Ministry of Roads, Housing and Urban Development in Iran and has the approval of various related tests from domestic and foreign laboratories such as Efectis Era for its products.

Other fire coatings produced by this company include Nax-CB cement coating, which is a cheap product according to international standards.

These coatings are mostly used in oil and petrochemical industries, construction, shipping, power plants and sensitive places like these. Of this color for fire protection of metal structures of buildings, oil and gas tanks, structures of oil and gas and petrochemical refineries, document center buildings, safes, exhibition buildings, structures of various factories, server rooms (buildings) with datasheets can be used.

We are proud that no company in the Middle East, not even Russian or Chinese companies, has been able to produce a fire-resistant paint that can withstand a fire for more than an hour.
We claim that the colors of our products match the quality of the best brands in the world, and this assurance stems from our bias in production. We are by no means satisfied with sacrificing any of our quality for any gain, which is why NAX-FP fire retardant paints are among the best products on the market. Our product is produced using the best and highest quality products in this category, and our quality claim can be verified by the standard tests that our products have passed.

Research and Development

We are proud that the structure and foundation of the nano-axon complex is based on the roots of the R&D department. Unlike most companies, the Nano Axon team was first created and developed with the formation of the R&D department. The research and development team, from the beginning of its activity until today, under the management of Professor Jamshid Sabbaghzadeh, who is known in the nanotechnology industry, is developing the products of this collection around the clock and finding new solutions in the common coatings industry in the international arena. The presence of young scientists in this team has always encouraged the team and reassured customers.


The production unit of Nano Axon Company has been established in South Khorasan Province, Birjand city, in order to create employment in deprived areas.
The construction of this factory was done after performing tests and obtaining approvals from the laboratory of the Ministry of Roads, Housing and Urban Development so that the final products can be placed in the production line of this factory.
With half of the R&D team in the factory, all products are constantly monitored and quality assured.

Technical Department

For each project, a unique design based on building standards is required. The technical team of NanoAxon Group works sincerely as a consultant and customer in this field.

The use of tables provided by the Laboratory of the Ministry of Education and Urban Development, along with the opinions of fire experts, is a good combination for team knowledge to be able to provide building safety rules based on engineering calculations and accurate customer service Nano Axon.

Execution team

We are always looking for customer satisfaction and ultimately a reputation in the industrial coating market, so Nano Axon managers are very careful in selecting executives in this field.

All team leaders, after going through the training process, and passing specialized tests in the selected complex and performing all coatings under the direct supervision of the company.

Certificate of Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center

In 1397, we were able to receive the certificate of Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center as the first manufacturer of fireproof paint coating (Nax-FP). It should be noted that this company is reviewed and re-evaluated every year.

Effectis era

Tests and tests of Nano Axon fireproof products are performed under the supervision of the company's branch located in Turkey, and all thicknesses and technical tables are issued by this company in accordance with international standards.