waterproof concrete

Concrete basically is highly porous, holes and capillaries inside are like micro tunnels that allow water or other liquids to flow through, makes concrete insulation against moisture is necessary after concrete casting. Crystalline penetrative insulation, penetrates into concrete surfaces during hydration phase, slowly concrete cement can completely crystallize and fill them all that ultimately leads to highly increased resistance to hydrostatic water pressure (negative and positive).

Mixing and Pot life

Generally, the CWP can be used for any concrete structure that requires sealing and resistance to chemical agents, as well as the repair of hairline cracks, for example in tunnels, elevator shafts, water treatment plants and Sewage, negative floor walls, public parking lots, water supply canals, underground passages, water and sewage diversion and transmission lines, underground metro tunnels, residential or office complexes for facilities and all cement and concrete surfaces exposed to underground water and negative humidity. One Pack Waterproof Membrane has a pot life of approximately 30 minutes at 23°C and 50% relative humidity.

Application guide

The CWP has to be mixed with water by ratio of 15kg powder and 6kg water then be applied to the intended surface with a brush by 0.2 mm thickness. After the first layer become dry, the surface needs to be moisturized with water to apply the second layer by the brush with 0.2mm thickness. The CWP coating continues the sealing process even for years once it be exposed to water again

Outstanding characteristics

• Being made of concrete and in total harmony with it
• Anti UV
• Two-way waterproof
• Resistant to corrosion and environmental threats
• Breathability of concrete
• Can be used in the negative and positive pressure concrete in structures
• Non-toxic
• Easy to use

Surface preparation

To secure lasting adhesion to the subsequent product all surfaces shall be clean, dry, and free from any contamination.
Refer to the Application Guide (AG) for additional information.